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HVA Editor retires
After 18 years Brian McEwan has finally decided that it’s time to vacate the HVA Review editorial seat in favour of a successor who can take the Review forward from an April 2021 spring re-awakening from the Covid nightmare.
The Review keyword is optimism and this is continually reflected in the rich flow of articles from our talented and dedicated contributors whose various articles unfailingly arrive on the editor’s desk four times a year. Their content is always positive, uplifting and at times even inspiring, reflecting and building on the strengths within the Hayes community. Casting an editorial eye over such copy is indeed a delight and privilege which in no way can be regarded as some sort of onerous task.
The Review is published quarterly in January (Winter); April (Spring); July (Summer) and October (Autumn). The editor chairs an editorial committee which meets twice before each issue to plan content and decide on final publication. The editor also sets an annual timetable for the meetings.
t is hoped that the above, together with having read some recent issues of the Review will provide a flavour of the sort of editor we are looking for. Brian himself will be more than happy to provide more information, including a list of present contributors as well as answering any questions on this more than rewarding role within our community. He can be contacted on 020 8462 4133 or b.mcewan487@gmail.com.

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